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I’m Sam Boone, and I’m running to represent you in Utah House District 42.  This community has been my home for sixteen years.  I’m grateful to have raised my family in this area, with its kind neighbors, good schools, and family values. It would be an honor to represent you and ensure that our community has strong leadership to navigate the challenges ahead of us.


  • Education
  • Growth
    Fiscal Responsibility
    Tax Reform
    Personal LIberty
    Local Control

What's New

The Latest News From The Campaign
Because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, I'd like to give a special thank you to the delegates who are now serving beyond their two-year commitment.

Salt Lake County's Convention will be held virtually. Candidate speeches will be posted one week in advance. Round 1 voting will take place between 9 am and 10 am.

The Sam We Know

“For over twenty years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Sam Boone. I have found Sam to be hard-working and dedicated to the task at hand. He gives careful attention to detail, which ensures positive results. Over this time I found his knowledge and love of the U.S. Constitution and personal liberty unparalleled. Sam is also a small business owner and has a genuine passion to integrate positive conservative principles into local government. His ability to grasp tough issues makes him a solid choice for our district. These are a few of the reasons I wholeheartedly endorse Sam Boone for House 42.”

-Doug McDowell, South Jordan resident

“I’ve known Sam for over fifteen years. He’s a good, honorable man who will serve the people of district 42 with integrity and the work ethic he brings to work every day.”

-Jeremy Lund, Herriman resident

“I have known Sam Boone for most of his life. We grew up together. He was raised well, in a home that inspired hard work and accountability. Honesty and integrity were paramount! I have full confidence with Sam Boone as a representative, he will get it right!”

-Michael Cronin

What Sets Sam Apart

 As you’re deciding who to vote for, you’ve probably wondered what sets the candidates apart from one another.  I’ve spent over thirty years studying Utah politics because that is my duty as a concerned citizen.  If I wanted to be a career politician, I would have run for office fifteen years ago.  Instead, I made my career as a common railroader.  I don’t have any interest in real estate development, big business, or other special interest groups.  I’m a southwest valley neighbor, just like you. This country was built by ordinary citizens who stepped forward when called upon to serve their neighbors. Today, I’m stepping forward to serve you, and here’s why: 

1. I trust you, the delegates, to look to our platforms and see that issue for issue, no one stands more firmly for conservative principles than I do.  I grew up in the backwoods of Florida, with little familial support for my education.  I went to work for the railroad 25 years ago to support my young family. I’m grateful to have a skilled trade that taught me how to work hard and that enabled me to give my daughter the education I never had.  So I’ve spent the past thirty years self-studying politics, current events, and economics; attending city council meetings; and taking courses on local government to provide myself with the education I didn’t have in my youth.  That self education is why I support free markets, fiscal responsibility, local control, and personal liberty.

2. You don’t have to be an attorney to respect and understand our Constitution.  In fact, 23 of the Framers of the Constitution had no legal training. They hoped our legislatures would be filled not just with lawyers and businessmen, but with ordinary citizens with a desire to serve their country and their community.  Nowhere is that more true than in the House of Representatives—the People’s House.  As your neighbor and friend, I’m running because I understand your concerns and will take a conservative, solutions-oriented approach to solving them.  I’m not here to represent the government to the people; I’m here to represent the people to the government. The only endorsement that matters to me is yours.

3. I am one of the convention-only candidates.  My wife has previously served as a delegate, so I know how hard you all work and that this is the best system for vetting candidates.  

4. I moved to Utah as an adult nearly thirty years ago.  When I moved to my current neighborhood, there wasn’t a single model home in Daybreak and the District was nothing but a horse pasture.  No one in this race has spent more time as a concerned, voting Utah citizen than I have. 

5. I don’t know what the future holds, or whether I will ever run for another public office.  I’m in this race because my friends and neighbors believed I was a man of the people, with conservative principles and experience raising a family in the southwest valley.  I stepped forward to run because I was called to serve my community, and I will never hesitate to stand up for you again wherever I am needed.

6. If you look at our websites and campaign literature side-by-side, you’ll see that I have provided a comprehensive breakdown of where I stand on a wide range of issues facing our community including growth, public transportation, highway construction, public lands, the Second Amendment, religious freedom, the right to life, childhood trauma, occupational licensing reform, civil asset forfeiture, and education. I trust you to evaluate these positions for yourself.  I think you’ll see that no one has spoken on as wide a range of issues facing Utahns as I have. 

7. It’s true that I’ve never written a contract or negotiated a business deal.  But you don’t need a JD or an MBA to build relationships or make a difference.  I’ve gained my experience building relationships through nearly 50 years of life experience.  In long hours on locomotives, I’ve helped liberal coworkers to understand conservative perspectives as we talked about the issues that are facing us right here in the southwest valley.  After work, I’ve taken the time to talk about the issues with my wife and daughter, my neighbors, and my local representatives. It’s simple experience, and it doesn’t have the glamour of making international legal or business deals.  But I’m confident that it’s put me in touch with your daily lifebecause it’s my daily life too. My ability to listen to, understand, and communicate with people from every walk of life will help me connect with other legislators, local leaders, and, most importantly, the citizens I serve.   If elected, no one will work harder.  No one will listen to you more intently.  No one will stand stronger for you than I will.  Together, we can lead Utah to a brighter future.

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