Where I Stand

Stand for Conservative Principles
You need a candidate who is in touch with your core values. Here’s what I stand for:

  • Limited Government
  • Local Control
  • Free Market Principles
  • Traditional Values
  • Personal Responsibility
    And here’s where I stand on key issues:

When it comes to education, one size doesn’t fit all.  Each child has unique needs, talents, and abilities. That’s why parents should have a real range of options to be involved in and direct their childrens’ education.

This is an issue near to my family’s heart.  When our daughter was growing up, her education was our family’s number one priority.  Because of her participation in the Waterford Reading Program (a community reading program that was the predecessor to today’s UPSTART), she learned to read before beginning kindergarten.  Each year my wife and I evaluated her current needs and abilities to choose the best educational opportunities we could offer her at that time. She attended private elementary schools, was home-schooled in middle school, and graduated from Bingham High School at 16 years old.  Later, she graduated summa cum laude from George Washington University and received her J.D. from Harvard Law School.  I want every child in Utah to have the dedicated teachers, educational flexibility, and opportunities my daughter had.

I stand with Utah parents to make the best choices for their children’s education.  We need to restore local control and support all our public, private, and charter schools so that Utah parents are empowered to give their children every opportunity.

We must do more to support educators and solve our teacher shortage.  Educational funding should prioritize incentivizing high-performing teachers, rather than administrative salaries.  And teachers should be empowered with the flexibility to make the right decisions for their individual students.

I will defend against both federal encroachment and state overreach in education.  Decisions should be made by the parents, school districts, principals, and teachers who know your children—not by Washington.


The state legislature can’t create jobs.  But it can foster an environment in which businesses thrive and in which Utahns have the skills needed to compete in the workforce.

I am an unequivocal supporter of university education.  But I also know that a four-year degree is not the right path for every person.  We should provide enhanced vocational training, advance skilled trades, and educate Utah high school and college students on the skills needed by Utah industries.  Every Utahn deserves the dignity, self-respect, and independence that come from the ability to provide for him or herself, and our economy will grow as businesses turn to Utahns for their needs, rather than outsourcing to neighboring states.

Limited Government for a Thriving Economy
Economies grow in free markets with low taxation and limited regulation, and free markets make free people.  We need to eliminate state and federal regulations that hamper business development. I will also fight legislation that would protect special interests.  Government shouldn’t have any part in picking winners and losers. My focus will always be on fostering a free market where businesses can compete, innovate, and grow.

Fiscal Responsibility
The state legislature has a responsibility to use your money wisely.  As your representative, I will cut unnecessary spending and ensure that dollar for dollar, you’re getting more for what you give.

Tax Reform
We can lower our tax burden by reigning in government spending.  I will be a vigorous advocate to keep your taxes as low as possible and ensure they are only funding necessary services.

In recent years, some have proposed that Utah add a tax on services.  I am opposed to these measures, which would drive service-based businesses out of Utah, harming our economy in the process.

Utah is one of only thirteen states that taxes social security benefits.  The average social security benefit is hardly enough to survive on, leaving many of our senior citizens forced to remain in the workforce as their healthcare costs are rising rapidly.  These citizens already spent years paying taxes into a Social Security system that is crumbling. Their incomes are limited enough without being taxed a second time on those benefits.

Utah’s population is growing rapidly.  This can be an economic boon to our state, but it also contributes to rising housing prices, overburdened water and transportation infrastructure, and reduced air quality.  I will support efforts to expand growth outside of Salt Lake and Utah counties, while ensuring that decisions are ultimately managed at the local level. Legislators should coordinate with local leaders, who are most aware of an area’s needs as it expands.  Local communities must remain free to make their own zoning decisions.

We need to expedite the construction of Mountain View Corridor and other road construction to support the needs of our growing state.  I support smart growth policies that don’t have unintended consequences on education, air quality, traffic, or personal liberty.

Public lands
The federal government controls 67% of Utah’s land. Utahns understand Utah’s needs better than any bureaucrat can.  I will work to ensure that our public lands are controlled by those who understand the needs of the West, not by Washington.

Second Amendment
The Second Amendment is one of our most fundamental freedoms.  As a lifelong gun owner, and a licensed firearms dealer, I believe that government should protect responsible gun ownership.  This freedom is under attack from elected officials and powerful interest groups. Whether those threats come in the form of proposing red flag laws, or bills to outlaw specific types of firearms,  I will stand firm in supporting this right of the people to keep and bear arms, which the Constitution mandates shall not be infringed.

Religious Freedom
Religious liberty is our first freedom – and today, it is under attack from every direction.  I support efforts to protect the rights of all to worship as they see fit and live their religion in their daily lives.

I am and have always been firmly pro-life.  Abortion should only be permitted in cases of rape, incest, and to preserve the life of the mother.  I will be a voice for the voiceless in standing for life. I also support efforts to promote family and protect vulnerable mothers so they can choose life.

Caucus System
I am a proud supporter of Utah’s caucus/convention system.  My wife has previously served as a delegate, and I am grateful for the efforts of all those who take the time to represent their neighborhoods and carefully vet candidates on the issues.  This process allows for a more thorough analysis of each candidate. I support our delegate-based system, and will not seek signatures to get on the ballot. I hope to have your support at the county convention.

Protecting our Children
Childhood trauma can lead to poverty, crime, and mental health issues.  I am committed to finding solutions to prevent abuse, and, in the tragic cases where it has not been avoided, address its effects.

Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform
Our legal system is based on due process and fairness.  But civil asset forfeiture policies allow the government to take property from individuals who haven’t even been charged with a crime.  I will support efforts to reform civil asset forfeiture to curb government abuse and protect property rights.

Occupational Licensing Reform
Too often, licensing requirements protect special interests and create barriers for those seeking work.  I will work to reduce the burdens of the regulatory state so that Utah’s licensing restrictions are in place only to protect your health and safety.

I’m running to represent you.  If there’s an issue you care about that I haven’t addressed, please don’t hesitate to ask me about it. I am open to civil discussions about any topic.